[FUSI]CITY (workshop) by System D Academy and Téreltérítés (HU)

Csepel is an industrial area located at the northern end of the 21st district of Budapest. Being souther than the city center, surrounded by water – which identifies it as an island – it is not identified with Pest nor with Buda (the two cities from whose unification Budapest was born).

Locals use some parts of the Csepel area informally, but most of the area is occupied by factories, which lived their glorious days until the dismantling of the URSS. To date, some factories are still active, but most of them are inactive, empty, abandoned, or used as storages.

I went on an 2-day exploration in the area, looking for informality and in search of Fusi in traces or actions.
During my visits at the factories, and exploring other  (work)spaces,
I discovered it was forbidden to place chairs or benches outside, in order to disallow people casually in public space. These rules were created by bosses who were too afraid people would stay away from the working environment too long during their breaks. Lunch breaks were controlled in inside environments in the form
of a cantine or a smoking pole outside. With this information in mind I suddenly spotted hidden traces of temporary or more fixed rest places everywhere. With the use of factory materials, self-made solutions, or smart use of the
existing environment.